Used Dental Handpieces | Sirona T1 Line ( 1559 )

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TheT1 LINE is used to treat dental diseases and dental trauma. The treatment involves the rotary or oscillatory processing of hard and soft tooth substance, bones, and dental prostheses (crowns, inlays, bridges, etc.).

  • The green, blue, and violet contra-angle handpieces are used for prophylaxis.
  • The handpiece and the green and blue contra-angle handpieces are rotary prosthetics.
  • The yellow contra-angle handpiece is used for oscillatory prosthetics.
  • The brown contra-angle handpiece is used for oscillatory condensation of material.
  • The green, blue, and black contra-angle handpieces are used for endodontics.
  • The black contra-angle handpiece is for endometry.
  • Ergonomic and light titanium sleeves
  • Longer service life thanks to DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated ball bearings
  • Optimal spray system
  • Adaptable for motors with and without light, thanks to ISOslider®
  • Optimal illumination for great visibility during treatments
  • 4-nozzle spray 
  • Small head dimensions 
  • Quiet operation
  • Optimal view 
  • Can be sterilised and thermally disinfected
Technical Specifications: 
  • C 200 L Gear ratio: 1:5
  • Color coding: Red
  • Maximum motor speed in rpm: 40,000
  • Maximum operating speed in rpm: 200,000
  • Pushbutton cover clamping system: FG
  • Instrument coupling: INTRAmatic LUX®