Used Dental Handpieces | Sirona T2 And T3 High-Speed

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Sirona's T2 and T3 turbines are used to treat dental disease and injuries. The treatment involves the rotary processing of hard and soft tooth substance and dental prostheses (crowns, fillings, bridges, etc.)

The T2 COMFORT class provides you with top quality technology for relaxed work. The titanium coated turbines lie comfortably in your hand ensure that CONTROL, Boost and mini satisfy every requirement.

T2 mini's small head gives you a perfect view, while T2 CONTROL's patented speed control enables constant and noise-free work and T2 Boost offers maximized performance – quieter than ever

T3 turbines with quick coupling are easy to clean and have a good grip. Up to 23 watts of power and ceramic ball bearings ensure efficient work for a long time. In other words: lasting efficiency. The all-rounder T3 Boost supports you efficiently during all of your work, while the T3 mini is particularly beneficial when you are working in the molar region.

T3 turbines are fixed connection turbine with the most powerful turbine in its class. The turbine is 100% German-made and the 4-nozzle spray is especially quiet and gives an ideal field of view.

  • Titanium-coated Exterior Sleeve
  • Robust ceramic ball bearings
  • Low noise level
  • T2 LED Light
  • Turbines with 4-nozzle spray
  • Protective Head System (PHS) with dual anti-retraction stop
  • Smaller Head Size
  • Quiter Dental Operations
  • Rapid Changeovers
  • Excellent grip for better operation accuracy
  • Significantly more power with smaller head size
  • Promotes outstanding working conditions
  • Has minimal noise emmisions
  • Has different versions for flexible operations
  • Provides consistent illumination provide ideal lighting for treatment inside the oral cavity
  • Use only burrs and diamond polishers that are sharp and undamaged.
  • Use clean burrs and diamond polishers to avoid dirt in the clamping system.
  • Immediately discontinue use in the case of malfunction or damage to avoid injury
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power : T2 20 - 23 watts / T3 20 - 23 watts
  • Non-load speed: T2 250,000 - 400,000 rpm / T3 370,000 - 400,000 rpm
  • Head diameter : T2 ~ 1.24 cm ~ 1.19 cm~ 1.02 cm / T3 ~ 1.19 cm ~ 1.02 cm
  • Head height : T2 ~ 1.38 cm~ 1.30 cm~ 1.27 cm / T3 ~ 1.30 cm ~ 1.27 cm
  • Light/illuminance : 25,000 (lux) T2 only
  • Weight of handpiece: T2 approx. 0.125663 cm / T3 approx. 0.121254
  • Driving air pressure: T2 3.0 bar / T3 2.7 – 3.0 bar
  • Interface Coupling Type:  Sirona, KaVo, W&H, NSK