Used Dental Handpieces | Star 430 K 4-Line Fixed Handpiece - Lube-Free ( 1859 )

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The 430 High-Speed Dental Handpieces are pneumatically driven, hand-held devices intended for use by trained dental professionals for drilling in the oral cavity. Procedures include, but are not limited to, caries removal, restorative work and crown preparations.

  • Ceramic Bearing Turbine
  • Solid Glass Rod Fiber-Optics
  • LubeFree or Lubricated
  • 360° Quick-Connect HiFlo Swivel
  • Small Head - High Torque Dental Handpiece Design

430 Series Models - Engineered for removal of impacted third molars as well as other endodontic and periodontal procedures

  • 45 degree angled head 
  • Side ports exhaust air away 
  • Pure stream of water to cool operatory site
  • Turbine cartridge is field replaceable
  • Excellent concentricity
  • Push-button bur release
  • Reduces tubing drag for greater operator comfort and allows quick-change of a multitude of StarDental handpieces at chairside without engaging and recoupling each handpiece after sterilization.
  • Improves accessibility and visibility. High power dental handpiece enables fast and precise removal of tooth surface and amalgam to improve speed and quality of work and low noise level reduces possibility of auditory damage and can reduce patient anxiety

430 Series Models

  • Provides access to the posterior area of the oral cavity
  • Reducing risk of air embolism, protecting the integrity of the surgical site


Technical Specifications: 
  • Type: High speed with a replaceable autochuck turbine
  • Operating Air Pressure: 30 to 32 psi
  • Air Consumption: 1.9 SCFM @ 30 psi
  • No Load Speed: 430,000 rpm
  • Connection: 4-line fixed ISO configuration
  • Power: 14 watts
  • Weight: 47g