Used Dental Handpieces | Star 430 Sw Non-Fiberoptic Handpiece - Lube-Free (1860)

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used dental handpieces | star 430 sw non-fiberoptic handpiece - lube-free (1860)


The 430 High-Speed Dental Handpieces are pneumatically driven, hand-held devices intended for use by trained dental professionals for drilling in the oral cavity. Procedures include, but are not limited to, caries removal, restorative work and crown preparations.

  • Small Head – High Torque Design
  • Ceramic Autochuck Turbine
  • Coaxial Water Spray
  • Rugged Construction
  • LubeFree ceramic bearings
  • Bifurcated Solid Cellular Glass Rod Fiber Optics
  • Stainless steel body
  • Innovative scalloped handle 
  • Improves overall accessibility and visibility
  • Enables fast and precise removal of tooth surface and amalgam
  • Low noise level reduces possibility of auditory damage and can reduce patient anxiety
  • Maintenance free 
  • Improves efficiency and saves time with quick bur changing feature
  • Optimizes the direction of the spray and water pressure, cooling the bur and flushing the operatory site.
  • Offers greater light output for superior coverage
  • Less bur shadow
  • Provides strength and durability to high temperatures of autoclaving and chemiclaving
  • Reduce handpiece pre-sterilization scrubbing and cleaning preparation time


Technical Specifications: 
  • Type: High speed with a swivel and replaceable autochuck turbine (Swivel sold separately.)
  • Operating Air Pressure: 30 to 32 psi
  • Air Consumption: 1.9 SCFM @ 30 psi
  • No Load Speed: 430,000 rpm
  • Connection: 360° quick-disconnect swivel with 4-Line ISO configuration or 2/3-Line ISO configuration
  • Power: 14 watts
  • Weight: 47g