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used dental handpieces | star stardental lubricated highspeed handpieces ( 1541 )


The Concentrix FX, FB, SX High-Speed Handpieces are used by trained dental professionals for a variety of procedures including but not limited to caries and amalgam removal, restorative work and crown preparations.

  • Concentrix FX - High-speed 4-line fixed back-end handpiece with lubricated steel bearing autochuck turbine.
  • Concentrix SX - High-speed fiber optic handpiece with lubricated steel bearing autochuck turbine. U ses either LED or halogen
  • Concentrix SW -  Non-fiber optic high-speed handpiece with lubricated steel bearing autochuck turbine. U ses standard 4-line
  • Concentrix FB - Fixed back-end 4-line high-speed handpiece with manual chuck. 
  • Precision high speed lubricated bearings and superior turbine concentricity
  • Traditional bur retention with a friction grip, manual chuck and bur tool, or the convenience of push button bur changing
  • Lightweight stainless steel construction walls
  • High performance Dental Handpiece
  • Small Head Size
  • Single glass rod fiber optics 
  • Unique water spray 
  • Accurate tooth surface preparation
  • provides a superior resistance to handling damage than other handpieces made from plated brass or anodized aluminum - now with a high gloss finish!
  • Enables fast and precise removal of tooth structure and amalgam 
  • Improve speed and provide precise quality of work
  • Improves line of sight and accessibility to the oral cavity
  • Shadow-free illumination
  • Do not use for oral surgery.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Concentrix® FX Type: High speed with a replaceable autochuck turbine
  • Air Consumption: 1.9 SCFM @ 30 psi
  • No Load Speed: 400,000 rpm
  • Connection: 4-line fixed ISO configuration
  • Power: 10 watts
  • Weight: 1.52 oz.