Used Dental Handpieces | Star Titan 3 ( 1550 )

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The Titan 5K and 20K low speed dental motors are used by trained dental professionals to facilitate various dental procedures requiring cutting, drilling, polishing and pin setting.

  • 100-5,000 or 100-20,000 rpm (depending on motor) speed range capability
  • Requires only a minimum of attachments to meet a variety of procedural needs
  • LubeFreeTM Motor
  • 360° Quick-Connect Swivel
  • Better Performance Under Load (Torque) 
  • Higher torque
  • Chairside Repairable Angles 
  • Minimizes operator downtime and reduces costs relative to other low speed handpiece systems
  • Reduces maintenance time and the high cost of repeated lubrication
Technical Specifications: 
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Speed Range: 100-5000 rpm, 5K rpm Speed Motor; 100-20,000 rpm, 20K rpm Speed Motor
  • Recommended Air Pressure: 40-45 psi
  • Air Flow: 2.1 SCFM @ 40 psi at maximum power output
  • Sterilization: Steam Sterilization up to 275ºF (135ºC)
  • Rotation: Forward and Reverse
  • Lubrication: Not required for LubeFree motor, attachments and angles, daily for lubricated angles