Used Dental Handpieces | Star Titan-T BB Auto Latch Angle (Lube-Free) (1856)

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The StarDental® Titan-T™ is an autoclavable air driven low-speed handpiece system manufactured with a titanium housing. It is used for procedures like carries removal, defining, shaping, smoothing, trimming and contouring of preps in the oral cavity. 

  • Auto Latch or Manual Bur Latch Contra Angles
  • Smooth Running, Low Friction Performance
  • Field Replaceable Cartridges and Transmission Gears
  • High torque over a broad low-speed range
  • 5,000 RPM and 20,000 RPM motors available
  • Numerous attachments to perform a variety of procedures
  • Steam sterilization: 275° F (135° C) max
  • Allows good intra-oral visibility
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Long Term Reliability
  • Good concentricity, low noise
  • Always insert bur the full length of the chuck. If you attempt to extend it from the chuck, the bur may dislodge during use and possibly injure you or your patient.
  • Use only recommended burs to prevent damage to the autochuck and in some cases to prevent burs from improper or incorrect placement. An improperly clamped bur may dislodge during use, causing injury to you or your patient. A sudden high-pitched sound or increased vibration while handpiece is operating alerts the operator to the possibility that the chuck is not latched properly to retain the bur or a bent bur is inserted.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Construction:: Titanium (Titan-T™)
  • Speed Range:: 100-5,000 RPM (5,000 RPM Speed Motor)
  • Air Pressure:: 40 PSI at swivel interface (Recommended)
  • Air Flow:: 2.1 SCFM @ 40 PSI at maximum power output at swivel interface
  • Sterilization:: Steam Sterilization up to 275° F (135° C)
  • Rotation:: Forward and Reverse
  • Lubrication:: Not required for motors, attachments and LubeFree angles (daily for lubricated angles)