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used dental lab articulator | sam 2


The SAM 2 has yellow condylar housings and has been a standard in dentistry for over 25 years. From its inception, the SAM 2 has utilized the arcon concept and is an accurate, functional simulation of patient mandibular movement.

The SAM 2 has a simple spring-loaded centric locking mechanism. In addition, condylar inclination and Bennett guidance angulation are adjustable.

  • Spring-loaded cover centric locking device with secondary security screw
  • Bennett angulation indicator and setting mechanism
  • Condylar housing inclination angle indicator 
  • Incisal pin with numeric scale
  • Mandibular mounting plate
  • 15 mm sagittal posterior position
  • Vertical support rod for upper member of articulator.
  • Tilt support rods for angular positioning of articulator
  • Protrusion adjustment up to 5.5 mm
  • Retrusion on lateral side 15 degrees
  • Transparent condylar housing cover
  • Accurate, functional simulation of patient mandibular movement
  • Semi-adjustable, tracking feature, open-format
  • Easy viewing during positioning and observation of tooth-to-tooth contacts