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used dental lab articulator | sam 3


The SAM 3 Articulator is used for dental lab articulation design. It designed to enable the user to quickly and easily mount casts of patients’ jaws on a mechanical likeness that will reproduce their natural relationship and movements to an acceptable degree of accuracy.

An articulator assists in the fabrication of removable prosthodontic appliances (dentures), fixed prosthodontic restorations (crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays), and orthodontic appliances.

The SAM 3 Articulator has all of the basic features of the SAM 2P and those of the SAM 2PX. Additionally, it has a unique and different high precision centric locking mechanism which functions independent of both Bennett Guidance and Condylar Pathway Inserts. An optional micro adjustable protrusion and retrusion screw is available.

  • Centric lock with cone ring
  • Bennett angulation indicator and setting mechanism
  • Condylar housing inclination angle indicator
  • Improves the visualization of both static and functional interrelationships of the teeth
  • Permits more variability in duplicating condylar movement than a non-adjustable articulator