Used Dental Lab Articulator | Whip Mix 4000 Series

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used dental lab articulator | whip mix 4000 series


The Whip Mix Articulator Series 4000 articulators are semi-adjustable and feature the patented Accumount mounting system, which makes it possible to exchange mounted casts between any unit without loss of accuracy. These units are used for dental lab articulation design.

  • Tracking type of condylar guidance with progressive side shift capability
  • A permanent intercondylar width of 110 mm
  • Fully open access from the lingual position
  • Built-in storage compartment for storing the incisal in when not being used
  • Ergonomically designed condyle locking knobs
  • Screw type mounting plates can be upgraded to include the QuickMount magnet system.
  • Innovative Accumount mounting system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy access during denture setup
  • Upper member can be removed for greater access for cleaning and servicing the articulator
  • Greater ease in locking the condyle in the desired position
  • A thin film of lubricant (Whip Mix LUBRIPLATE) or silicone spray applied to the surface upon which the condylar elements move will provide a smooth action of these parts.
  • Failing to remove excess stone, or not keeping the articulator clean, may result in corrosion of the articulator surfaces.
  • Apply silicone spray to articulator frame to prevent plaster or stone from sticking to surfaces.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Construction: Cast aluminum
  • Degree range of condylar path: 0 - 70°
  • Horizontal range of condylar path: 0 - 25°
  • Compatible facebow: QuickMount facebow