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used dental laser dentistry | adt pulsemaster 600 iq

The PulseMaster 600 IQ is near-infrared laser used for selective soft-tissue ablation, dedicated soft-tissue laser with some hard-tissue applications (ie, enamel caries removal), and biostimulation as well. It has a new user-defined presets which allows quick access to six energy/pulse rate combinations for commonly performed clinical procedures. The PulseMaster 600 IQ also offers a pulse-rate range increased from 100 Hz to 200 Hz for faster, cleaner soft-tissue cutting.


  • 100-200 Hz Pulse Range
  • User Preset Setting Options
  • State-of-the-Art Nd Yag Lasers
  • Six Energy/Pulse Rate Combinations
  • Painless Laser Operations
  • Gentle Gum Treatment
    Bloodless Dental Operations
  • Patients are usually treated comfortably even without anesthesia
  • Dramatic improvement after just one treatment when used in conjunction with conventional treatment
  • Instantly select options up to six different energy/pulse rate combinations. 
  • Allows the dentist to surgically remove soft tissue more smoothly than ever before, even at low energy levels
  • Promotes time-saving with low to no anesthetic - need
  • Germs and bacteria are killed, especially in hard to reach places
  • Offers permanent treatment of hypersensitive dental necks
Technical Specifications: 
  • Length: 29.13 L x 9.84 W x 18.9 H
  • Weight: 74.96 lbs
  • Voltage: 100-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Laser Type: Nd:YAG laser
  • Pulse-Rate Range: 100-200 Hz (pulses per second)
  • Wave Length : 1.064 nm
  • Amperes: 10A