Used Dental Laser Dentistry | Biolase Waterlase Millenium

The Waterlase® Er,Cr:YSGG (Erbium, Chromium: Yttrium, Scandium, Gallium, Garnet) tissue cutting system is a unique device with diverse hard and soft tissue dental applications.

For hard tissue procedures, the Waterlase utilizes advanced laser and water atomization technologies to safely and effectively perform tissue cutting, shaving, contouring, roughening, etching and resection.

For soft tissue procedures, the Waterlase utilizes direct laser energy to perform tissue removal, incision, excision, ablation and coagulation. 

  • Advanced Laser and Water Atomization Technology
  • Systematic Energy Monitor
  • Remote Interlock Plug
  • Emergency Stop Mechanism
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Light Emitting Diode Indicators
  • Integrated Control Elements  
  • Portable design translates to fewer units necessary to service a multi-operatory practice.
  • Reduces risk of infection for patients
  • Avoids the stress of drills and needles
  • Minimally invasive
  • Return to daily routine faster after treatment
  • Increases case acceptance
  • Simple to incorporate into practice
  • Use of this device requires proper clinical and technical training. 
  • Remove or cover all highly reflective items in the treatment area, if possible.
  • Do not operate in the presence of explosive or flammable materials.
  • Do not remove system housing. Danger from radiation exposure and high voltage may exist. 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Unit Dimensions: 12.5 x 26 x 32 in (W x L x H)
  • Unit Dimensions With Fiber: 12.5 x 26 x 40 in (W x L x H)
  • Weight : 88 lbs
  • Operating Voltage: 115 VAC ± 10% (230 VAC ± 10% international)
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Current rating: 16.0 A (8 A international)
  • External fuses: None
  • Water type: Distilled or Sterile
  • External air source: 80 - 120 psi. (5.5 - 8.2 bar)
  • Laser classification: IV
  • Medium: Er, Cr:YSGG Erbium, Chromium, Yttrium, Scandium, Gallium, Garnet
  • Wavelength: 2.78 µm (2780 nm)