Used Dental Laser Dentistry | Velscope V2

used dental laser dentistry | velscope v2 used dental laser dentistry | velscope v2

The VELscope Vantage V2 is a cordless, hand-held and non-invasive visualization tool that helps detect oral cancer and other oral diseases. Through the use of a safe, blue light shone into the oral cavity, the tool excites natural tissue fluorescene which when viewed through VELscope, it filters abnolmal tissue in which it can easily be detected.

  • Advance Cancer Screening Unit
  • Hand Held Screening Wand
  • Exceptional Fluorophores Detection
  • Early Cancer Detection
  • Stressless 2 Minutes Operation
  • Painless, non-invasive, with no rinses or stains required
  • Allows for photodocumentation and tracking of lesions
  • Examination takes only one or two minutes
  • Easy to incorporate into workflow
  • Light Weight Handpiece
  • Offers a stressless and painless 2 minute operation
  • Flexible positioning: space-saving vertical or low-profile horizontal orientation