Used Dental Nitrous Flowmeter | Porter MXR-1 (1223)

The Porter MXR-1 automatically reduces nitrous oxide if oxygen is shut off or pressure is reduced. The flowmeter features solid aluminum construction, color-coded On/Off switch, and an oxygen power flush button capable of delivering 100 percent oxygen to patient.

  • Solid aluminum construction
  • Oxygen Flowmeter tubes 
  • Nitrous Oxide Flowmeter Tube 
  • Nitrous Oxide Failsafe System 
  • Flow Control Knob 
  • Concentration Control Knob 
  • Emergency Air Valve 
  • Non - Rebreathing Valve 
  • Positive ON-OFF Switch 
  • Color-coded On/Off switch
  • Power Flush 
  • Oxygen Quick Connect 
  • Oxygen power flush button
  • Single motion control knobs
  • With Porter glass indicator tubes
  • With dual failsafe operation
  • Easily mounted to your cabinet or wall or pediatric benches
  • Ergonomic control and precision delivery 
  • Convenient, accurate, and reliable- built
  • Easy-to-read flow indicator tubes
  • Allow for easy flow and percentage adjustment
  • Space-saving cabinet-mounted
  • This device is not to be used for the administration of general anesthesia or as a part of, or in conjunction with, a general anesthesia administration system.
  • Training is recommended to provide a practical, hands-on capability and an understanding of the behavioral aspects of Nitrous Oxide Sedation and will complement the safety features of this device.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Maximum N₂O Concentration ( for Cabinet Mount , Model No.s - 2050 W , 2055 W , 2060 W , 2065 W , 2070 W & 3065 W): 
    65 %
  • Maximum N₂O Concentration ( for Special Cabinet Mount , Model No.s 2066 W & 3066 W ): 
    50 %