Used Dental Nitrous Oxide Flowmeter | Matrx Digital MDM

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The Digital MDM is digital nitrous oxide flowmeter and mixer used to delivery nitrous oxide to patients to achieve conscious patient sedation during dental procedures. It is available in portable (stand) mount, wall mount, counter top, and cabinet mount configurations.

  • Oxygen fail-safe
  • Automatic air-intake valve
  • Non-rebreathing circuit
  • Auxiliary oxygen outlet
  • D.I.S.S. gas connections
  • Oxygen flush
  • Flow auto-compensation
  • Mixture percentage auto-compensation
  • Built-in pressure or flow compensation
  • Audible and visual alarm system
  • Attract patients by offering safe, effective pain management
  • Saves time; rapid onset and recovery
  • Saves money; patients are less anxious resulting in fewer cancelled appointments
  • Relaxed patients remain fully conscious and able to respond to directions
  • Easy to administer and control nitrous oxide flow
Technical Specifications: 
  • Standard head dimensions (inches): 8 x 5.5 x 10
  • Weight (lb.): 6
  • Oxygen inlet: Male DISS (CGA-1240)
  • Nitrous oxide inlet: Male DISS (CGA-1040)
  • Inlet pressure (each gas): 50-55 PSI
  • Oxygen mix ratio range: 30% - 100%
  • Flow range maximum: 9.9 LPM
  • Oxygen flow range: 1 - 9.9 LPM
  • Nitrous oxide flow range: 0 - 7 LPM
  • Input supply voltage: 115 VAC nominal*
  • Power frequency: 60Hz