Used Dental Obturation System | Kerr Touch N' Heat

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used dental obturation system | kerr touch n' heat

The Touch 'n Heat provides a source of heat for searing off excess gutta percha during any obturation technique.  The Touch 'n Heat eliminates the need for open flame in the operatory resulting in added saftey and controlled heat delivery to the working site. 

  • Allows multiple tip styles
  • Adjustable heat intensity
  • Touch activation
  • Internally heated tips
  • Consistent and convenient chairside heating system for warm gutta percha techniques
  • Safer, faster and more consistent than open flames or Bunsen burners
  • User has complete control over the heat level.
  • Heat is concentrated at the end of the tip, where it's needed most.

The Touch 'n Heat uses sealed lead-acid batteries. Unlike the common nickel-cadmium batteries, you should never run down the lead-acid batteris completely. Total depletion will destroy them. Touch'n Heats have a low battery light to prevent this from happening. Always keep the unit on charge when not in use.

Technical Specifications: 
  • Battery Life: 30-40 minutes
  • Battery Type:  sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Power requirements: 110V