Used Dental Surgical | Aseptico Elite AEU-7000 Series

The AEU-7000L-70V & AEU-7000E are drive systems for instruments and tools used in dentistry for implant/surgical procedures and endodontic procedures. The systems include an irrigation supply and a wide range of user controls designed to provide precision drilling during osteotomy preparation and implant placement, or endodontic therapy.
Aside from the AEU-7000L has fiber-optic lighting in the handpiece, both the AEU-7000L-70V & AEU-7000E is equipped with a multi-function foot control and comes with a basic On/Off foot switch.

  • Places up to 80 Ncm (w/ packaged Mont Blanc handpiece)
  • Compatible with all implant systems
  • LED and Fiber Optic system in the motor and handpiece
  • Control the whole procedure from the foot pedal
  • Multiprocedure machine with endo and oral surgery functionality
  • Maintenance-free sealing system to keep out liquid and microparticles
  • Handpiece has a 20° angle
  • Reusable, autoclavable irrigation tubing. 
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Autoclavable and can be used immediately after the sterilization cycle is completed
  • Provides higher visibility, ergonomics, and ease during surgery
Technical Specifications: 
  • Console Dimensions (Inch): 9.98 W x 9.42 L x 5.10 H
  • Console Weight: 7.3 lbs
  • Power: 100-240V 1.1 - 0.5 A 50-60 HZ
  • Fuses: 1.6A, 250V, Slo Blow Type