Used Dental Ultrasonic Scaler | Dentsply Cavitron Bobcat Pro Gen 130

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The Bobcat Pro Ultrasonic scaler combines reliability, practicality, robustness and quality all in a sleek modern enclosure. The Bobcat Pro is easy to integrate into any operatory because of its dual orientation utility feature. The Cavitron Bobcat Pro Ultrasonic Scaler produces 25,000 microscopically small strokes per second at the insert’s working tip. This combined with acoustic effects of the coolant water, produces a synergistic action that literally "powers away" the heaviest calculus deposits while providing operator and patient comfort. 

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 6 lbs.

Dimensions: 8" H x 3.8" W x 8" D

Handpiece: Accepts all Cavitron 25K Ultrasonic Inserts

Electrical Voltage: 115V

Water Pressure: 25-60 psig



  • Install a water filter
  • At day's end, connect the scaler’s water line to an air source and run the scaler until all the water is expelled
  • Between patients and at the end of each day, use disinfecting wipes to disinfect all the surfaces of the scaler and foot pedal
  • Between patients, remove the insert from the scaler handpiece and clean excess powder off the insert with a scaler cleaning wire
  • While cleaning the insert, inspect the scaler O-ring for damage and replace it if necessary


Dental Ultrasonic Scaler FAQ