Used Dental Ultrasonic Scaler | Pro-Dentec Pro-Select 3

used dental ultrasonic scaler | pro-dentec pro-select 3


The Pro-Select 3 Dental Periodontal Therapy System is a versatile piezo scaling solution with both prophylaxis and irrigation features. By combining ultrasonics, medicaments, and heated subgingival irrigation, the Pro-Select 3 can prevent, treat, and control periodontal diseases.

In addition to ultrasonic cleaning, it can aid in root planing by irrigating with chlorhexidine, fluoride, or distilled water, and its heated subgingival irrigation offers patients a soothing relief therapy. Its closed, multifluid system eliminates the risk of biofilm problems. It provides smoother and cleaner tooth surfaces while simultaneously improving patient comfort during cleaning and root planing procedures.

Plus, with a fully autoclavable handpiece, tip, cable, and bottle, there will be no compromises in your infection control system.


In addition to proper sterilization procedures, follow these guidelines to correctly maintain your Pro-Select 3:

  • Flush all bottle ports with distilled water at the end of every day in both modes for 30 seconds
  • Clean the filters on the bottom of the stems with a soft-bristled tooth brush every 1 to 2 weeks
  • Regularly check for bent tips or flattened tip sides and replace these tips