Used Dental X-Ray Film Processor | Air Technique AT-2000 Plus

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The A/T 2000 Plus automatic film processor processes all intraoral, occlusal, TMJ, panoramic, cephalometric, and duplicating film sizes. It provides the operator with 2 operating speeds: a 2.5 min.endo speed and a 5.5 min. normal speed. 

  • Automatic processing of intraoral and panoramic x-ray sized film with separate chambers for each chemical process
  • Compatible with Air Techniques daylight loader
  • Heater shows on digital display
  • The most popular model of dental x-ray processors
  • Air Techniques' proven design is long-lasting and has parts readily available
  • Processes a variety of sizes of x-rays for maximum flexibility
  • Do not use water softeners.
  • Do not drain into copper or brass.
  • Room air temparature must not exceed 80°F (27°C) during processing. Because heat is generated during processing, adequate ventilation is necessary to maintain darkroom temparature.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power requirements: 115V, 60Hz, 8A
  • Water pressure: 30-80 PSI
  • Dimensions (inches): 18 x 15 x 25
  • Weight (lb.): 80