Used Dental X-Ray Phosphor Plate Scanner | Soredex Optime

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The Soredex Optime digital imaging unit is a scanning device designed to automatically read reusable Soredex dental imaging plates. Its easy installation and intuitive controls make it a great option for dental professionals looking for a convenient alternative to digital x-ray sensors.

  • Automatic image processing 
  • Clear, intuitive indicators
  • Compatible with multiple imaging plate sizes
  • Computer network compatible
  • Easy set-up process
  • Convenient controls
  • Comfortable and safe operation
  • Serves multiple operatory rooms
  • Produces digital images in seconds
  • Avoid exposure to the laser beam when the covers are removed.
  • Do not move or knock the unit when it is reading an imaging plate.
  • This unit can interfere with other devices due to its EMC characteristics.
  • Unit not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anaesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide.
Technical Specifications: 
  • Technology: Imaging Plate (PSP = Photo Stimulable Phosphor plate)
  • Pixel Size: 30 μm (SUPER RESOLUTION) 60 μm (HIGH RESOLUTION)
  • Resolution:  17 lp/mm
  • Readout Time : 5 - 10 seconds (depending on the plate size)
  • Connection : Standard network connection (Ethernet RJ45)
  • Dimensions : 6 x 8.9 x 12,1" (H x W x D)
  • Operating System : Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Operating Voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating Current: Less than 1.5 A