Used Detal Impression | Whip Mix VAC-U-MIXER/Vestor

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The Whip Mix VAC-U-MIXER allows thorough spatulating of stones, plasters, die materials, investments and alginates under vacuum to produce smooth, dense, detailed casts or impressions. Every VAC-U-MIXER size can be driven by both the Combination Unit or the Vacuum Power Mixer Plus.

Bowl Sizes:

MIX VAC-U-MIXER 200 mL #6400
MIX VAC-U-MIXER 300 mL #4450
MIX VAC-U-MIXER 500 mL #6500
MIX VAC-U-MIXER 875 mL #6600
MIX VAC-U-MIXER 1,200 mL #7600

  • Dense and Smooth Mixture Technology
  • Vacuum Mixing Technology
  • Five Perfectly Designed Sizes
    • Multi Capacity
  • Easier Operation
  • Can perfectly mix  plaster, stone, investment, alginate, etc
  • Stainless and sturdy plastic materials for cleaner mixing

Note that phosphate investments and alginates can contaminate gypsum materials, seriously affecting their working properties. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that separate mixing bowls be used and marked to avoid this possibility.

Technical Specifications: 
  • Paddle Material (composition): Stainless Steel
  • Bowl Material (composition): Rigid clear plastic or Stainless steel
  • Shaft Material (composition): Stainless Steel
  • Driver Units: Combination Unit and Vacuum Power Mixer PLUS.
  • Mixable Materials: Plaster, Stone, Investment, Alginate, etc
  • Operation/Mixing Type: Vacuum