Used Digital Dental Panoramic X-Ray | Kodak 8000

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used digital dental panoramic x-ray | kodak 8000


The Kodak 8000 delivers fast and accurate panoramic dental X-ray images including standard, pediatric and segmented, TMJ (2 or 4 views), and maxillary sinus. The adjustable focal trough ensures anatomically correct images each and every time. The Kodak 8000 features face-to-face positioning, putting patients at ease, facilitating positioning, and minimizing risk of movement.

  • Frontal patient positioning with 3 laser beams 
  • 4-point headrest
  • Panoramic images captured in 13.9 seconds
  • Captures TMJ
  • Face-to-face positioning
  • Low radiation exposure
  • Segmented panoramic maxillary sinus images
  • Reliable image quality
  • Comprehensive image software
  • Real-time diagnosis
  • Seamless integration
  • Easy and accurate patient positioning

The computer system configuration must be compatible with the computer system requirements for the KODAK 8000 software. KODAK 8000 must be connected to the computer via a point-to-point Ethernet link and not via a LAN.

Minimum PC System Requirements
CPU : 1 GHz, 32 bits processor (Pentium or equivalent - Intel chipset)
RAM : 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
Hard disk drive: 40 GB (80 GB recommended
Ethernet interface : 1 Ethernet interface (100 Mbits)
                                 1 Ethernet interface (100 Mbits) if the PC is connected to a LAN and/or a WAN
Monitor: 1 monitor
               17" or larger
               1024 x 768 minimum screen
               Resolution - 32 bits color mode
Operating system: Windows 2000 SP4
                                Windows XP Home / Pro edition SP2 with DirectX 9.0c or higher
                                Server 2003 or Windows Vista 32 bits
CD/DVD drive: A CD-ROM drive is required to install the product.
Backup Media: Removable/portable, external hard disk drive

Technical Specifications: 
  • Weight (lb.): 265
  • Minimum space requirements (inches): 35 x 91.75 x 46.5
  • Focal spot: 0.5mm
  • Patient positioning: Frontal with 3 laser beams and 4-point headrest
  • Acquisition: Direct and in real time