Used Dental CAD / CAM Dental Restoration | 3Shape Dental System D800 And D810

The 3Shape’s D800 and D810 series scanners are designed for medium to large labs that demand the utmost accuracy and detail levels for even the most advanced indications. The 3D scanning in connection with designing implant bridges and bars requires very high accuracy. 3D Shape's D800 series scanners are among the few that can deliver reliable data for these indications.

  • 2 HD Cameras
  • Red Laser Light Technology 
  • Accuracy Crown and Bridge *7 microns
  • Accuracy Implant Bars * 8 microns
  • Gypsum Model Scanning 
  • Impression Scanning Option
  • Texture Scanning -  Standard Texture
  • Multi-die Scanning
  • Reduced angle with angles which enables impressions, deep inlays and full undercuts to be scanned effectively
  • Has the capability to rotates and translates the object, facilitating scanning from any viewpoint
  • Can capture complete textures and pencil markings
  • Has the capability to capture 2D images of the model surface and precisely overlays these on the 3D model
  • Enhances visualization of surface details and allowing technicians to include hand-drawn design guidance markings in the digital design
  • Produces implant bars and bridges of extraordinary quality
Technical Specifications: 
  • Lab Scanner Dimensions (W x H x D): 14” x 11” x 13”
  • Chairside Scanner Dimensions: 11" (length)
  • Scan Time: Single die: 25 sec (30 sec) , 3-unit bridge: 100 sec (125 sec) , Full model: 60 sec (75 sec)